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6 Proven Methods To Make Money With Prompt Engineering

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By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear roadmap for building multiple income streams with Prompt Engineering.

I will share only Proven and Tested Methods. I tried them all, and in the last 20 days, I made $7569.05 Utilizing them.

Make Money With Prompt Engineering

What’s Prompt Engineering?

It’s simply the art of effectively communicating with large language models, like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, LaMMA 2, or Others…

It’s all about crafting the right questions to get the best answers. Think of it as having a conversation where you need to ask precisely to get meaningful replies.

Why is it important?

To highlight its potential, imagine that you want to generate domain names for the “email marketing” niche.

Instead of just saying, “Generate 5 domain names about email marketing”. With prompt engineering, you’ll craft a supercharged question (a power prompt) that will get you even more relevant suggestions like this one:

Please generate 10 original and creative domain names specifically tailored for the [niche] niche, focusing on its main concepts and target audience. Your response should prioritize domain names that effectively capture the attention of the [niche] audience and represent its key themes. For each domain name, provide a brief explanation (1-2 sentences) highlighting its relevance to the niche. Ensure that each domain name meets the following criteria:

1. Brand Relevance: Maintain a strong connection with the niche and its central concepts.
2. Memorable: Design the domain names to be captivating, easy to remember, and with familiar spellings.
3. Concise: Keep each domain name between 6-14 characters for ease of typing and recall.
4. Simplicity: Avoid using hyphens and numbers for a cleaner appearance.
5. Keyword Incorporation: Utilize relevant niche keywords for improved SEO, if possible.
6. Pronunciation: Ensure that each domain name is easily understandable when spoken or “radio-friendly.”
7. Domain Extensions: Prioritize .com, .net, .org, and .ai extensions when applicable.
8. Legality: Refrain from infringing on existing trademarks or brands.

Your response should exhibit flexibility and creativity while maintaining a focused approach on the [niche] niche, providing a solid foundation for building a brand within that market.


Note: this prompt is part of the Premium Power Prompts Library.

In addition to Crafting the right prompts, Prompt engineering has another aspect, which is building automated workflows by combining scripting with Power Prompts. You can learn more about this aspect in this FREE Prompt Engineering Course.

Now, let’s dive into the six ways to make money with prompt engineering!

1. Selling Prompt Templates

The beauty of this method is in its simplicity, where you can:

  • Sell individual prompts on platforms like Promptbase or Snack Prompt.
  • Or bundle several prompts together and sell them as a package on your website.

Not sure how? Don’t sweat it! I created two guides that will help you get started today:

  1. How To Create Prompts The Right Way
  2. How To Sell Prompts (The Right Way)

2. Selling Automated Scripts

Remember how I said prompt engineering had more to it? Well, besides crafting prompts, you can also create automation scripts.

These scripts, combined with power prompts, can perform tasks like rewriting articles, automating social media content, writing ebooks, summarizing content and videos, and much more!

You can sell these scripts on platforms like Gumroad.

3. Building Customized AI Solutions for Clients

Want to step up your game? Offer custom AI tools to clients. For instance, you can provide services like building AI tools on WordPress For your clients.

I explained this in detail in this free guide:

How To Create AI Tools With WordPress in 5 Minutes!

You also build AI Chatbots that help them provide automated customer support based on your client’s documentation.

This is called embedding Content in AI Models. I will have a full tutorial about it soon, so don’t miss my upcoming updates. Join my newsletter here.

4. Creating & Selling AI APIs

This one’s a gem! Consider creating an AI API like Content Generator API and selling it on platforms like RapidAPI. With a monthly membership, the revenue potential here is quite attractive.

Learn More About Building and Selling APIs in this free guide:

If you want a more detailed explanation covering all the fields with my personal help, you can check it here.

5. Launching a SaaS Business with AI Tools

How about running your very own Software as a Service (SaaS) platform?

Build online AI tools and either monetize them through monthly memberships or use them as a magnet to attract traffic to your other offerings. Consider it a win-win: provide value and grow your business simultaneously.

A while ago, I showed you how I went from 0 Visitors and $0 to 300K Visitors and $30K in just 3 months. If you missed the case study, you can check it here:

6. Offering Education & Consultation Services

After mastering prompt engineering (thanks to numerous free resources out there), why not teach others or consult businesses on automation? From eBooks to courses, the education sector offers plenty of opportunities. I applied this method on my website; give it a look.

If you want to learn Prompt Engineering For Free and Master these skills, you can check this post for the best Prompt Engineering Courses available online.

Final Thought

Prompt engineering is an exciting field with a world of possibilities. Remember, now’s the perfect time to dive in. The competition is still relatively low, so there’s plenty of room to shine.

Take action, explore the resources, and set the foundation for your success.

Remember: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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