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How To Sell Prompts (The Right Way)

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After the launch of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, it unlocked newer money-making and business opportunities! One of those opportunities is to Sell Prompts!

In this guide, I will show you step-by-step instructions on where and how to start selling prompts!

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What is a Prompt?

prompt is the input text you feed into the LLM (Large Language Model), Like ChatGPT.

Think of it as your conversation starter with the AI.

Formulating and crafting this ‘starter’ prompt greatly influences the response you’ll get from the AI. This is why, if you want to get the best results from ChatGPT or any AI Model, you should focus on Optimizing These Prompts, and this is what we learn in Prompt Engineering.

Why Would Someone Buy a Prompt?

If anyone can learn how to create prompts, why would someone buy these prompts? The idea is not that simple. Let me explain.

Creating a prompt that gives good results doesn’t mean at all that it is a Great Prompt!


Simply because a Prompt may work with a specific model, with specific input, but not with others.

This is where prompt testing and optimization take place. As a Professional Prompt engineer, after you craft your prompt, you start testing it with different models and inputs, ensuring it works in different scenarios. This process may take a couple of hours or days, depending on the complexity of the task and the prompt.

For example, if you check my Premium Prompts library, you will not see too many prompts. It is updated only once weekly because I want to ensure my prompts are well-optimized. We will talk about this later in this post.

Now that we know what a prompt is and why would somebody buy it, let’s see how to sell them!

Selling Prompts

I will share with you 3 Ways to Sell Your Prompts.

1. Sell on Prompt Marketplaces

As we mentioned, ChatGPT has opened the door for new opportunities, and Prompt Marketplaces is one of them. There are multiple Marketplaces available today:

1/ Promptbase:

Promptbase is a web platform where users can purchase other’s prompts or sell their own.

After you create your prompt and test it, you will be ready to sell it!

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the type of prompt that you want to sell using the set of parameters.
  3. Pick a price to sell, and submit the prompt for selling. Promptbase has an approval process, so make sure your prompt is unique from what it already has and performs consistently as described.

2/ SnackPrompt

It is also a fast-growing community to buy and sell prompts.

There are many other marketplaces like:

  • etc…

A simple Google search will help!

2- Sell a Prompt Library (one-time)

The other way to sell prompts (the one I do) is to create a list of prompts and sell them in a package on your own website or Gumroad.

You can use Notion To easily Manage and Create your collection, or maybe Airtable. Or maybe a simple PDF. But I think Notion is the best option here.

prompts library

A good approach is to sell it as a package with a course, and premium support for example. This type of packaging will help increase sales as buyers will get a lot of value instead of just one product.

Another Example of Packed Prompts can be found on Producthunt here.

3- Membership Access

The Third way, which I think is the BEST! It is the same as the second, but instead of selling the library once, you will have monthly or annual recurring membership to access your library.

An important Note here is that you should make sure you maintain, update, and provide premium support with the membership to provide the best value to your users.

I explained this concept of selling membership access to data with more examples in this video here:

There are a lot of examples out there. One is my business model where I sell the prompts library, with all my courses, and premium support, providing the users with the Ultimate Package which includes:

  1. Access to all my courses
  2. Access to all Libraries (including prompts library)
  3. Access to the private forum.
  4. Access to all future updates

Not only that, but I also provide a Prompt Request Feature With the library, so users will also be able to request custom prompts in line with all upcoming updates. This will decrease the number of refunds and give more value to users.

How To Find Prompt Ideas?

Maybe you already know how to optimize and create prompts, and you are ready to start, but you lack Ideas!

What Prompts to Create??

The easiest approach is to go to the marketplaces we mentioned before and see what people are creating; this is what we call competitor analysis in marketing. You can see what is missing and find some inspiration.

The Second way is ChatGPT! Remember, You are a Prompt Engineer. You can craft a prompt that brainstorms and generates thousand of ideas in seconds.

For example:

Your goal is to produce a list of 100 unique and imaginative prompt ideas specifically for marketing use with GPT-3. Designed for businesses and marketing professionals, these ideas aim to assist in creating engaging content, ads, branding messages, and more.

These marketing-related prompts should address various areas of marketing such as digital marketing, email marketing, social media content, SEO, branding, advertising, etc.

Each prompt should be straightforward and succinct, giving precise guidelines for the required response type. The prompts should encompass a range of objectives like concocting ad copy, brainstorming branding slogans, writing marketing emails, suggesting SEO keywords, and promoting customer engagement on social media platforms.

The prompts must provide a balance, maintaining room for the GPT-3 model to generate innovative and unique responses, yet aligning with the ultimate goal of the marketing activity.

In scenarios where it is applicable, the prompts must stipulate specific requirements such as the target audience demographic, product category, desired tone of voice, or character count limit.

This prompt will help you find prompt ideas to create, Enjoy!

Tip: Buy prompts from marketplaces and Optimize, create something way better that can stand out, and compete with a lower price.

Or combine multiple prompts in one to create a power prompt!

This concept works not only here. I explained this also in my course “Buy and Sell APIs,” where you search for APIs in marketplaces and build your own API that combines the functionality of multiple APIs and gives way better results.

Sell Automated Prompt Scripts

If you are looking for something more advanced that makes you stand out among all prompt engineers, it is Selling Scripts!

chatgpt ap

Instead of selling a prompt, you put your prompt within a script that automates a specific workflow. For example:

Summarize a YouTube Video: You can create a simple Python script to extract a YouTube Transcript and summarize it with ChatGPT into bullet points, then sell this script!

We have thousands of workflows that will help people save a lot of time, and they will be happy to buy and use directly.


  1. Video to Educational Material: Extract critical points from an educational video (using language models), generate a summary, and then create flashcards or quiz questions based on the summary.
  2. News Aggregation and Summarization: Create a pipeline that pulls articles from various news sources, summarizes the articles, categorizes them by topic, and then compiles a daily news digest.
  3. Webinar to Knowledge Base: Transcribe a webinar, summarize key points, and convert these into a series of FAQ entries or knowledge base articles. Also, provide timestamps for easy navigation.

This is exactly what you learn in my Prompt Engineering Course: How To Go From Zero Building Automated Workflows!

Promoting Your Prompts

Now that you understand how to Sell Prompts let’s explore some strategies to promote and get your first buyers.

1. Publish on Product Hunt

Like any product, publishing your prompts library on ProductHunt is a good practice. This way, you will get some traction, and people can review your product. For example, you can check my Producthunt profile, where I published my products.

2. Publish on AI aggregators

Publishing on AI Aggregators Helped me grow one AI tool to 200K visits in 2 months. I explained how it happened in this video.

Here are the Top Aggregators to check:

3. Create a lead magnet and build your email list

This is one of the best, if not the best, marketing strategies out there. Building your email list is a treasure that can change the whole business if done correctly.

You can even build a waitlist before your product goes public and give special discounts to your private waitlist. This worked perfectly with me when I launched my Prompt Engineering Course.

Pro tip: Use AI to Increase your email open rate. See how I passed the 50% open rate, which is 30% more than the average industry percentage.

4. Create content around your product, focusing on two platforms.

Pick up two platforms, like Twitter and Medium, and Create Content around your product. This will help you build an audience, email list, and authority. And will make it way easier to sell your Prompts.

This is not the only way to promote your prompts. Talking about prompts, here is a sample prompt that will help craft a marketing strategy!

Your primary responsibility is to devise a creative and comprehensive marketing strategy for our new product/service, ensuring to provide detailed justifications for each aspect of the plan rooted in relevant data and plausible assumptions about the market. Your strategy should attend meticulously to the following components:

1) Target Audience Analysis – Identify the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the potential consumers who are expected to be most receptive to our new product/service. Provide a compelling rationale for why these characteristics make them our target audience.

2) Competitive Market Overview – Perform an in-depth overview of the current market outlining our direct and indirect competition. This should encompass a thorough understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as any potential opportunities they could exploit or threats they might pose to our product/service.

3) Marketing Tactics Development – Formulate a multi-faceted strategy for reaching and engaging our identified target audience. Your plan should utilize a diverse mix of platforms, including but not limited to social media, email marketing, live events, and traditional advertising. Elucidate your reasoning behind the selection of each medium and offer insights on how we can optimize their potential.

4) Customer Engagement Approaches – Propose a comprehensive set of strategies on how we can stimulate initial interest in our product/service and sustain long-term customer relationships. 

Remember, infusing creativity and uniqueness into your strategy is pivotal. We are seeking a plan that distinguishes us from our competitors and captivates our target audience's attention. product: [Your Product]

If you have any questions, I’ll be waiting on the forum.

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