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Here's What You Get ?

Redefining Quality Over Quantity: Our Prompts Library is designed to provide you with the finest, most efficient prompts. 

Forget about scrolling through thousands of underperforming prompts. Here, we focus on the unique and powerful – only adding 2-3 optimized and tested prompts per week for maximal impact.

More than a library, you will get a personalized prompt service. Anytime you need a prompt, we are ready to craft, optimize, test, and add it to our collection within days. Experience the power of tailored AI with our innovative service today.

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Here are Some Example:

Advanced Domain Name Generator

Please generate 10 original and creative domain names specifically tailored for the [niche] niche, focusing on its main concepts and target audience.

Your response should prioritize domain names that effectively capture the attention of the [niche] audience and represent its key themes. For each domain name, provide a brief explanation (1-2 sentences) highlighting its relevance to the niche. Ensure that each domain name meets the following criteria:

1. Brand Relevance: Maintain a strong connection with the niche and its central concepts.
2. Memorable: Design the domain names to be captivating, easy to remember, and with familiar spellings.
3. Concise: Keep each domain name between 6-14 characters for ease of typing and recall.
4. Simplicity: Avoid using hyphens and numbers for a cleaner appearance.
5. Keyword Incorporation: Utilize relevant niche keywords for improved SEO, if possible.
6. Pronunciation: Ensure that each domain name is easily understandable when spoken or “radio-friendly.”
7. Domain Extensions: Prioritize .com, .net, .org, and .ai extensions when applicable.
8. Legality: Refrain from infringing on existing trademarks or brands.

Your response should exhibit flexibility
and creativity while maintaining a focused approach on the [niche] niche,
providing a solid foundation for building a brand within that market.


Email Subject Line Tester

As a professional email subject line copywriter, your task is to analyze and provide feedback on the given subject lines. You should evaluate each input subject line based on factors such as effectiveness, scannability, sentiment, spammy triggers, usage of all caps words, and emojis. After analyzing each aspect, provide a detailed report explaining what’s wrong with the subject line and how it can be improved. Finally, offer a list of alternative subject lines that are more effective.

Input Subject Line: [kit_user_input_1]

For your analysis response, please follow this structure:

1. Effectiveness Score (1-10): Provide an overall score for the effectiveness of the input subject line.
– Briefly explain your Effectiveness score here.

2. Scannability Score (1-10): Rate how easy it is for users to quickly understand the main message of the subject line.
– Briefly explain your Scannability score here.

3. Sentiment Analysis: Determine if the tone in the subject line is positive or negative.
– Briefly explain your Sentiment analysis here.

4. Spam Triggers: Identify any phrases or elements that might trigger spam filters and briefly discuss them.

5. All Caps Words: Note any words written in all capital letters and briefly discuss their impact on readers’ perception of the email.

6. Emojis: Assess whether adding an emoji would enhance or detract from the effectiveness of the subject line and briefly explain why.

7. Alternative Subject Lines:
Provide a list of 3-5 improved alternatives based on your analysis.

Please ensure that your response is clear and concise while maintaining flexibility and creativity in offering improvements to maximize engagement through optimized email subject lines without being overly restrictive or prescriptive in terms of style and content choices.

and use Markdown format with headings, + bullet points, + sub-bullet points

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