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FREE Advanced ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Course (Python + Power Prompts)

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Today, we will take ChatGPT to the NEXT LEVEL!

After two weeks of hard work, I finally recorded and Published my New Free Course!

In this course, you will learn the following:

  1. Python Scripting in a New Way
  2. Combine the Power of Python With Advanced ChatGPT Prompts to Get mind-blowing Results.

Python Scripting in a New Way

In the first part of this course, you will learn Python in a few minutes (less than 20 minutes), yes!

What do I mean by learning Python in a new way?

In this course, I explained the main Python scripting concepts that you need to start writing Python scripts as fast as I can and the easiest way you will ever see! and I shared with you some ChatGPT prompts that will help you learn and review Python topic with examples in few seconds.

Here is the ChatGPT Prompt that I used.

Act as a computer science teacher; Create a detailed tutorial for me to learn the basics of programming; The programming language should be [python]; The topic is [topic]; Create 3 sample codes each (easy, medium, hard) including the appropriate output for each; Describe the snippets in step-by-step instructions. Address each topic with a detailed explanation.

And more tips in the course!

Free Notion Template (Python Course)

As a small gift, and since you decided to invest in yourself and learn these new skills, I want to help you with a simple, clean Notion Template, where you can review any concept related to Python programming in seconds and get a lot of examples.

You can get here: (no signups required)

Connect Python With Advanced ChatGPT Prompts

Then in the second part, I showed you how to connect what you learned with ChatGPT API and Advanced Prompts to build a real-world prototype.

You will see how to build a Live Bitcoin Analyzer to analyze the price of Bitcoin in the last 7 days with ChatGPT.

Download The Source Code:

Disclaimer: Don’t buy or sell crypto based on this prototype. This is just for educational purposes.

The Full course (No Ads)

Please read this:

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Thanks so much for watching, and I hope you enjoy the ad-free experience!

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them in the comments section below!

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