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How To Increase Your Email Open Rate To 50% With Free AI Tools

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Email Marketing is one of the best marketing channels (if not the best). However, the main problem that people face is low open rates.

In the last 7-8 years, I sent thousands of campaigns, and today, I reached 50% open rates almost on every campaign I send. This is around ~30% above the industry average.

increase email open rate

In this post, I will show you exactly what I did to increase my open rate to 50% and how you can do the same.

What Affects Your Open Rate?

There are 4 Main Factors That Affects Your Open Rates

  1. Sender Name
  2. Email List Quality
  3. Spam Filters
  4. Subject Lines (Most Important)

Sender Name

It is simply the “From Name”.

email sender name

If people know your name, they’re more likely to read your emails, but only if they enjoy what you write. If they don’t, they won’t like seeing your name 😅

Email List Quality

When I say quality, I mean your list is active and clean—no bounces, spam traps, or dead emails.

To Keep the list clean, make sure to follow these two tips:

  1. Check and clean up your emails: If you have a small list, use My Free Email Validation Service. For larger lists, consider paid services like Debounce. It’s accurate and has excellent prices.
  2. Remove inactive subscribers: Each week, I delete users who haven’t opened my emails in the past few weeks. This keeps my reputation good, leading to better inbox rates and higher open rates.

Note: You can use re-engagement campaigns to keep your email list active and automatically remove inactive users.

Spam Filters

Obviously, if your emails don’t land in your recipient’s inbox, you will see a dramatic decrease in your open rates; this is why you should focus on passing the Spam filters and reaching the inbox.

Here, please focus on one thing: Avoid Using Spam Triggers in your subject lines and email copies.

I asked ChatGPT about the top list of spam triggers, and this was the response:

Free: Used to promote free products or services.
Guarantee: Promising assured results or outcomes.
Urgent: Creating a sense of urgency to prompt immediate action.
Limited time: Indicating a time-limited offer or availability.
Act now: Encouraging the recipient to take immediate action.
Congratulations: Used to attract attention and imply winning or success.
Cash: Referring to money, financial gains, or opportunities.
Discount: Promoting reduced prices or special offers.
Prize: Implying the recipient has won a prize or reward.
Exclusive: Suggesting special access or privileges.
Opportunity: Promising unique chances or openings.
Million: Often associated with get-rich-quick schemes or exaggerated claims.
Investment: Offering investment opportunities or financial advice.
Viagra: A specific keyword associated with pharmaceutical spam.
Weight loss: Pertaining to diet or weight loss products.
Casino: Related to online gambling or casinos.
Lottery: Referring to lottery winnings or sweepstakes.
Make money: Promising ways to earn money quickly or easily.
Earn extra income: Offering additional sources of income.
Remove: Used in deceptive claims to remove something (e.g., debt, wrinkles).

You can check a list of spam triggers at Hubspot here.

Subject Lines (Most Important)

It is time to focus on the most important factor that dramatically affects your open rates.

It is the Subject line!

Think about what makes you stop and click on a video on YouTube or read an article on Medium – it’s the title! Likewise, the focus of your email should be on the subject line.

To help you, check my Free library, where I filter, curate, and share successful Subject lines that you can use directly.

Now It is time for some Magic!

We are in the AI era and have Language Models Like ChatGPT.

You can use ChatGPT To:

  1. Generate Subject Lines
  2. Evaluate Subject Lines

If you follow me, you know I like to make things as simple as possible, so I did the hard job and created simple, free AI tools for you to do all this in seconds. So, give them a shot!

6 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Email Open Rate To 50% With Free AI Tools”

  1. Great Hasan sir,

    Superb effort. Sir, could you please make an article for How to Convert the most of the E-mail readers to customers… (How to have more ROI?)…

    I am getting a lot traffic, but no ROI…
    Expecting a solution sir,….

  2. Wow Hasan, This is great news. Congratulation! You are very humble and inspiring. I am not much of the tech person, but when I started my website and channel, I was recommend to learn from your YouTube channel. I learnt so much and applied it and I am still learning from your enriched content. I’ve seen the results. Great job and keep up the good work👏🍎.

  3. I truly admire your ability to communicate complex concepts in such an accessible manner. Your writing style made it easy for me to follow along and absorb the information effectively. The article further solidified my understanding.

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