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Get ChatGPT Max Edition – ByPass All Limits!

chatgpt max

In this post I will show you to access ChatGPT Max Edition which allows you to bypass many traditional ChatGPT limits, and will enable you to do things you never thought about like analyzing live crypto or stock prices, accessing and searching the internet, generating images, and much more!

Disclaimer: This is not an official edition developed by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, this edition is a customized version that I developed after hours and hours of research and testing. and today, I will give to you with all the details for free!

What is ChatGPT Max?

The idea is simple, it is about connecting ChatGPT with your custom scripts to achieve things you never thought about with traditional ChatGPT, even with GPT-4 or ChatGPT Plus.

So what I did simply, is I created a prototype using 3 python functions, that allowed me to:

  1. Read Live Bitcoin Price and Analyze it, it is like technical analysis with ChatGPT.
  2. Search Google and Get the Latest Top Search Results and Summarize it with ChatGPT.
  3. Generate Images Using an Advanced Prompt with the Help of Stable Diffusion API.

And to run this project with a clean simple UI, I used Streamlit, which is an awesome library that allows you to build a web interface for any tool in seconds.

How To Build Your Own ChatGPT Edition?’

I will give you the full source code of my project in seconds, but if you like to build your own version and get way more functionalities. you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Learn basic Python Scripting

If you want to be on top of online users worldwide, you have to invest in yourself. learn every day, and test every day! At least, you should learn basic python scripting, it is not hard. and to prove that, soon, I will publish a video on my YouTube Channel, teaching Python in a new way using ChatGPT, in under 30 minutes!

Yes, in under 30 minutes, you will be able to write python scripts that will change the way you think and work online.

Step 2: Connect Python with ChatGPT API.

This is very simple. it is only a few lines of code. here it is:

import openai
openai.api_key = "sk-XXX"
openai.organization = "org-XXX"

def generate_response(prompt):
    completion = openai.ChatCompletion.create(
            {"role": "user", "content": prompt}
    message = completion.choices[0].message.content.strip()
    return message

You can use this function to generate any response from ChatGPT Api, by just changing the prompt.

Step 3: Connect ChatGPT With 3rd Party Services and Data Sources.

Now it is time, to do some magic.

The Magic depends on what you wanna achieve.

For example, if you want to analyze crypto as I did, you will need to connect with Crypto APIs like Coinranking to read live prices.

If you want to generate images, you need to connect with ai image generation APIs, like Stable Diffusion API. it is one of the best APIs I used with a lot of functionalities and an affordable price.

chatgpt api

Here, it is your turn. Think and use your creativity and imagine new scenarios, there are thousands of ideas here. and I will be sharing many of them soon here, so don’t forget to join my newsletter to get all updates.

Note: if you are familiar with another scripting or programming language, you can go with it, python is not obligatory.

Download the full project:

You can download the full source code using the link below:

Download Link

And to see all this in action, you can check this video:

Enjoy, and if you have any questions, leave them below in the comments section.

Today’s Quote:

Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.


Hasan Aboul Hasan

Digital Entrepreneur with 8+ years' experience, Founder & Developer of PromoterKit. Helping Digital Marketers to achieve 10X results using AI and Automation.

88 thoughts on “Get ChatGPT Max Edition – ByPass All Limits!”

  1. Good Afternoon Sir,
    Hope you are doing well.
    I need to learn basic python and scripting and do amazing things with it afterward.
    Kindly guide me so that I can excel myself and ride the wave asap.

    Thank you.
    Regards, Shameen.

    1. Hello Hasan
      Can you send me the link, so i can start using Chatgpt Max directly from my laptop please? I downloaded the link you sent but nothing happened. I am a bit weak in IT.



      1. I am new to python, I am a network professional, and I follow up on youtube video to generate an app chatgpt but I love the way you generate yours
        Can you provide step-by-step how you did it please and I am looking forward to seeing your video about learning python

    1. Bro, not sure how we connect the files, do I have to learn basic python before the prompt works when extracting files I’m not sure what to do with them can you give me some advice please my brother really wants to use your prompt

      1. open vs code then open the extracted file in vscode check required libraries are installed or not if not use pip command in commandprompt to open cmdprompt in vs code press ctrl+` this keys to install use pip , ex:pip install openai
        after installing all the required libraries type streamlit run in cmd press enter.
        Note: before you run this make sure to link your own API keys in code

      2. open vs code then open the extracted file in vscode check required libraries are installed or not if not use pip command in commandprompt to open cmdprompt in vs code press ctrl+` this keys to install use pip , ex:pip install openai
        after installing all the required libraries type streamlit run in cmd press enter.
        Note: before you run this make sure to link your own API keys in code

    2. Hello Arjun, thanks for the information and project code.

      I’ve been playing around with Chat GPT for about two months now and I’m starting to get some good results by trial and error.

      Your information will be very helpful in my projects.

  2. Thanks for sharing this new innovation Hasan. I am eagerly looking forward to the Python tutorial. What tips do you suggest to start learning before your video drops?

  3. Good evening, friend, thanks for your content. I’m not a programmer and I have no idea about Python, but your strategy is very good. I’ve downloaded the file and since I integrate it with ChatGPT, the actions you do are brutal. Please help me with this. Thank you . A hug

  4. o, there is no ChatGPT-MAX actually coming out. It’s from you, right. Like making your own Playstation mod or something. That’s awesome! You’ve inspired me to dive into python even more. It’s hard being a retired chef at 40 and trying to learn to code though. Do we need to learn a python before trying to develop and add our own python scripts?

  5. Thank you for your education. Your information is very interesting and will like to do use what you teach to make some money. I will like to start with the simple python scripting but where do I get the video link?

  6. Hi Hassan :), I really appreciate the value you give us through your videos, thanks Hassan, I want to know why I can’t get any results in the prompt when I open the app-users in streamlit browser, it’s running but not working for me, I’ve entered openai and or g key, I installed streamlit, I created the environment and I’ve set the path in windows for python but still not working?!

    I hope you see my question, thanks again 🙂

  7. Thanks Hasan. How to run it in Windows after downloading?
    And an idea for a next video: make a tutorial on how to integrate this with WordPress/make a plugin from it that can generate GPT content with images in the articles.

  8. Hello Hasan,
    I am trying to download the full source code via the above link but it stays frozen at ‘Downloading’. Thanks for your thoughts!
    Happy subscriber

    1. I saw the same thing but I went to my download folder to look and it was already finished. Your file might be done as well.
      P.S. A)Ignore the website it is my first failed attempt at affiliate marketing. B)In order to sign up for some affiliate programs you need a website.

  9. Hi Hasan ji, I learned so much from you. You are my best mentor. You are giving so much without expecting anything like the nature around this world. Thank you very much. please create a complete course about prompt engineering and python coding. I would like to learn to create websites like,, and mid-journey for passive income. I will purchase your course. I am a complete beginner. I need your help in my digital journey. I will be eagerly waiting for your courses. Thank you

  10. I tried your code and when I ask any question in ChatGPT MAX Edition 2.0 I get the following error:
    “RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.”
    Do you have any suggestions to resolve this issue?
    Thanks, Ron

        1. My guess is that you are an early adopter of chatgpt. Openai gives you 5 dollar credit and that must be it by now, so you can’t use the API but can only use chatgpt. My advice is to upgrade to the paid version immediately

  11. Can you make an AI tool probably with ChatGPT that can fetch football arbitrage games everyday from certain vendors?

    This is something I know a lot of people will be happy to pay for but I don’t have the technicality to produce such tool

  12. I haven’t signed up for chatGPT Plus and they placed me on a waiting list for ChatGPT 4. By the look of it, I only have access to gpt-3.5-turbo. Should I sign up for ChatGPT Plus to create good content (I’m a content writer) or wait for your course on combining Python scripts and ChatGPT (in my case gpt-3.5-turbo)? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Hi,
    if possible can you add voice input/output also to the chatgpt and make a mobile app it will be more useful and it will become more successful, so that users can interact chatgpt with voice and get the replies in voice also.

    think about it once.
    Thank you
    keerthy vardhan

  14. The great instructor as usual! I keep you more of today. Please have you work on the promised content”Python-based tutor”. I did not understand”openai.organization = “org-XXX”, dear?

    1. Thank you, it is your organization id in openai account. You will find it there. It is not necessary anyway here.

  15. Hey buddy,

    Thank you for your your work, lm trying to find your ebooks I just can’t find it them Will you help me please thanks buddy appreciate it.

    Best Regards

  16. You’ve explained well and thank you for the scripts, however you did not explain how to link the script with ChatGTP??

  17. Inspiring stuff Hasan – love your energy & consistent focus!! I’m running on linux; the rar file contains an exe (chromedriver.exe). Any suggestions on how to make the code more platform agnostic?

  18. Hi, whenever I try to generate image which can contain certain text in English. I am not able to get proper results. Eighter I am getting image with no text at all or getting text in some different language. I tried various prompts but not able to get desired results.

    1. AI Image Generation is still limited when it comes to text. I am doing some research about this, and I will try to find a solution soon

  19. I have downloaded the project above but when I write something and hit generate button nothing happen no response it gives. please tell if the project is complete then what’s the problem is going out with me

  20. Hey my friend I just started following and I couldn’t stop watching you provide some real good service, sometimes I can’t believe you are offering this for free. thanks for all the help my friend. I not sure if you had post the chat.gpt Max cod?

  21. pip install openai beautifulsoup4 google-search-results html2text requests streamlit
    i installed of these libraries replaced the api key for images but application doesnt run i just need the google search feature

  22. Hey Hassan!
    You are SO generous with your knowledge and time. I love this tutorial and can’t wait to set it up on my server and start playing around with it. One thing that would make this crazy valuable would be if it included the ability to run whatever we create as a SAAS that enabled users to register at different levels of service pay through Stripe. If you are considering courses I’d buy that one 🙂

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