How to Stop YouTube Spam Comments? (I Developed a Free Tool)

stop youtube spam comments

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How to Stop YouTube Spam Comments? Many YouTubers are complaining about Scam Comments and Bots on their channel. So today, I am excited to share some tips and my free tool to help you protect your channel and stop those scammers.

So, when you face Spam or Scam Comments on YouTube, you as a Youtuber Might Think about the following…

What are YouTube spam comments?

These are comments that are not related to the original video by any means. But serve another purpose, or for the personal gain of the scammer. Scammers try to scam people by leaving their affiliate links, or fake offers in the Youtube Comments of Popular Videos, through scam Comments. You should never click on these links, and remove them to secure your audience as well.

How do I stop spam comments on YouTube?

You can stop youtube spam comments by Copying and Pasting a set of Spam Related Keywords or emojis in Your “Blocked Keywords” List in Youtube Studio. You can also use a tool that makes sure that you get rid of all spam comments on your Youtube channel and keep your subscribers safe. I’ve discussed both methods in detail in this Blog Post.

How do I block bot comments on YouTube?

To block bot comments and stop youtube spam comments on YouTube Do to your Youtube Studio > Settings > Community > Blocked Keywords. I have provided a list of emojis and characters, you can copy and paste those here to get rid of most bot comments. I also share a great tool in this blog post that will help fight almost 90-95% of these bot comments.

Now, as we have understood what Spam or Scam Comments are. Let’s see an example, of what these Spam Comments look like in real-time.

Youtube Scam Comments Example

1. Youtube Spam comments with comment replies

Look at this comment. This was on my Second YouTube channel.

Youtube Spam Comments

No links and everything looks perfect, and then people start replying.  

stop youtube spam comments

All those comments are bots. This is a new technique scammers are using.

2. Youtube Spam Comments, using the YouTuber’s Profile Picture.

Another method is that Scammers create fake accounts by using the profile picture the same as the  YouTuber.

They then try to contact people in the comment section and tell them to contact them through WhatsApp and Telegram (For guidance and Opportunities)

And guess what???

Some innocent people don't pay attention to the validation checkmark.

stop youtube spam comments

And they think that it is their Trustee Youtuber, so they fall into the trap.

So, if you are a YouTuber and want to protect your channel and your audience you must follow the three steps.

How to Stop Youtube Spam Comments

1. Block Spam Keywords in YouTube Studio (Copy and Paste)

Copy and Paste a List of keywords in your Channel’s Settings to Block Spammers: (You can edit/add to this list depending on your channel)

Download the Spam Keywords List Here.

After downloading it. You have to paste them in the Blocked Keywords section in Youtube Studio.

To do this follow this path.

Youtube Studio > Settings > Community > Blocked Keywords

Go to your channel dashboard and go there to the settings section. 

Then click on community.

And then go down to the blocked words section.

stop youtube spam comments

During the last couple of months, I collected a lot of words and emojis, that scammers are using.

And now I will give you the list to paste inside the “Blocked words” section to help YouTube to block these spam comments in Your Channel’s comments

When I used this setting almost 90 to 95% of spam comments were moderated and deleted by YouTube.

So this is a very helpful method.

Download the Spam Keywords List Here.

All you have to do is to copy and paste the keywords I have provided, into the “Blocked Words” section of your YouTube channel.

So, get the list, copy the words and paste them in the “blocked words” section. 

And always make sure that when you see any spam comment With a specific keyword in it.

Copy and paste it in this section again, to build your own list depending on your audience and your channel Nitch.

The words I have provided are somehow generic, but are able to block 90% of these spam comments.

2. Use “Stop YouTube Scammers” Application 

I developed a small application called Stop YouTube Scammers. 

stop youtube spam comments

It is totally free and open-source. You can check it out here????

Stop YouTube Spam Comments Tool

You can also check out the whole Project and Source Code on Github

Stop Youtube Spam Comments Project and Source Code

The Tool is simple and easy to use. You just have to enter your channel details, like channel ID, client ID, and API key. 

I will show you how to add this at the moment.

For now, let’s take a quick tour of what you can do with this Awesome Free Application.

What is nice about this is that, You can filter by date. 

Let's say from the last 2 days I want to fetch all the comments, with the replies select these options and click on fetch and then the tool will automatically get all the comments in the last two days.

You can then moderate and delete the spam comments in bulk. 

This will save you a lot of time and you can almost delete those comments everyday. 

Like spend time on this for 5 minutes and delete spamming commerce in this way you can protect your channel.

As I mentioned before, this tool is totally free and open source.

If you have some ideas and you want to improve it and you want to add some features.

You can do whatever you want and we can help each other fight scammers on YouTube.

How to get the client ID for this Tool.

Go to Google Google developer console. Here.

Now simply create a new project if you don't have one.

In my case, I have a YouTube spam fighter project.

Create or Select it and then simply Go to the “+ Enable API and Services.” 

Search for YouTube.

There is an API that must be enabled.

Now Go to the Side menu on the main screen and click on credentials.

Click on Create Credentials

After that from there obtain your Client ID etc. Like This. Go to 04:21 timestamp in video below!

Stop youtube spam comments

Conclusion on How to stop youtube spam comments

So, is this tool enough to Stop Youtube Spam comments? 

It is almost enough because it can help you deal with 90 to 95% of the spam comments on YouTube. 

But we can do more… 

I am also developing an API with the help of machine learning which can classify comments and then delete them accordingly. 

I will share that project with you on this blog so you must keep an eye out for it. 

If you want to be sure that you are notified when I publish that post. 

You can subscribe to our email list below. ????

We will not spam, and just mail you valuable content.

If this post helped you, please comment down below and share this with your friends.


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