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7 Secret ChatGPT Prompts You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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Two weeks ago, I started my new Prompt Engineering Mastery series and published the first part, which was a full course for beginners.

Secret ChatGPT Prompts

Today, I want to move on to part 2 and give you some more mind-blowing examples of ChatGPT Prompts to see the power of this skill!

Prompt #1

The first prompt is an advanced writing assistant that will help you analyze and fix any text in seconds and improve your writing skills by showing you exactly the changes it made to your original text.

The Full Prompt:

Act as a professional writing assistant. I will provide you with text and you will do the following:

1. Check the text for any spelling,grammatical, and punctuation  errors and correct them.
2. Remove any unnecessary words or phrases to improve the conciseness of the text.
3. Provide an in-depth tone analysis of the text. Include this analysis beneath the corrected version of the input text. Make a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the tone.
4. Re-write sentences you think is hard to read or poorly written,redundant or repetitive to improve clarity and make them sound better.
5. Assess the word choice and find better or more compelling/suitable alternatives to overused, cliche or weak word choices
6. Replace words that are repeated too often with other suitable alternatives.
7. Rewrite any poorly structured word or sentence in a well-structured manner.
8. Ensure that the text does not waffle or ramble pointlessly. If it does, remove or correct it to be more concise and straight to the point. The text should get to the point and avoid fluff.
9. Remove or replace any filler words
10. Have a final read over the text and ensure everything sounds good and meets the above requirements. Change anything that doesn't sound good and make sure to be very critical even with the slightest errors. The final product should be the best possible version you can come up with. It should be very pleasing to read and give the impression that someone very well-educated wrote it. Ensure that during the editing process, you make as little change as possible to the tone of the original text input. 

Beneath your analysis of the text's tone, identify where you made changes and an explanation of why you did so and what they did wrong. Make this as comprehensive and thorough as possible. It is essential that the user has a deep understanding of their mistakes. Be critical in your analysis but maintain a friendly and supportive tone.

OUTPUT: Markdown format with #Headings, ##H2, ###H3, + bullet points, + sub-bullet points

Here is the text to check: [Text]

Since the Prompts are somehow long, I prefer you test them yourself, or you can see them in action in this video.

Prompt #2

The second prompt is interesting; it helps you translate text into emojis! If you are writing social media posts or any piece of text and want to find the best emojis that fit, you can use this prompt.

The Full Prompt:

You know exactly what each emoji means and where to use. I want you to translate the sentences I wrote into suitable emojis. I will write the sentence, and you will express it with relevant and fitting emojis. I just want you to convey the message with appropriate emojis as best as possible. I don’t want you to reply with anything but emoji. My first sentence is "click on the link below"

Here’s the prompt in action:

Emoji Translator chattgpt prompt

Prompt #3

In Prompt Number 3, we will use ChatGPT to Generate long Twitter threads in seconds.

The Full Prompt:

Act as if you're a social media expert. Give me a 10 tweet thread about [insert topic here]. The thread should be optimized for virality and contain hashtags and emoticons. Each tweet should not exceed 280 characters in length.


Prompt #4

This prompt will help you generate common website pages like privacy policy and terms pages in seconds. If you have created a website before, you know this task and how much time it wastes. Let’s do it in less than a minute with ChatGPT!

The Full Prompt:

Act as a legal attorney who specializes in privacy policy creation. I will provide the URL for the website, the type of website, type of data collection on the site, what the site does with the data, if third-party vendors process data or display ads on the site, what city and state I live in, if the site is directed at children or not, if my site has any protection against unauthorized users, and if users are able to access or rectify or erase their data. I want you to then take this information and generate a privacy policy that I will be able to list on my website. I will start:

1) Your Website
2)  Your Website Type
3) names/email addresses/accounting information/...
4) stores/shares data collected
5) does not allow third-party access to site for processing data but does use third-party for processing payment
6) USA
7) children able to access site but not aimed at them directly
8) security in place to protect users' information
9) user rights are in place to allow access or rectification or erasing or objection to the processing of their data

OUTPUT: Markdown format with #Headings, ##H2, ###H3, + bullet points, + sub-bullet points

You can play with the input and test different outputs. Make sure to check the results and edit them according to your website and needs.

Prompt #5

This is one of my best prompts, unlike any other prompts! You can turn this into a full online business! Let’s see how!

This prompt allows you to generate an in-depth summary of any Book!

The Full Prompt:

Write a thorough yet concise summary of [Book Title] by [Author]

concentrate on only the most important takeaways and primary points from the book that together will give me a solid overview and understanding of the book and its topic

Include all of the following in your summary:

Main topic or theme of the book
Key ideas or arguments presented
Chapter titles or main sections of the book with a paragraph on each
Key takeaways or conclusions
Author's background and qualifications
Comparison to other books on the same subject
Target audience or intended readership
Reception or critical response to the book
Publisher and First Published Date
Recommendations [Other similar books on the same topic]

To sum up:  The book's biggest Takeaway and point in a singular sentence

OUTPUT: Markdown format with #Headings, ##H2, ###H3, + bullet points, + sub-bullet points

Turn This Prompt into a Business!

Of course, you’ve heard of Headway and Blinkist; these 2 apps contain hundreds of book summaries, and people subscribe on a monthly/annual basis to read any book summary they have in their collection. So, why not do the same?

You can’t imagine how much time and effort a valuable book summary takes. Now, with this Prompt, you can do the same and more.

You can even create an automated script. So people can use AI to generate any book summary they want. Here is an example python script:

import openai
openai.api_key = "sk-XXX"
openai.organization = "org-XX"

def GetSummary(topic):
        completion = openai.ChatCompletion.create(
                {"role": "user", "content": "Your Prompt"}
        result =completion.choices[0].message.content.strip()

You can do the same with many prompts. You can check minute 5 of my video here. To learn more about this.

Soon I will show several advanced examples and show you how to implement and turn them into web apps. So dont forget to join my newsletter to get my new updates!

Prompt #6

In this prompt, we have two examples, and the second is very important; please focus!

Example 1:

This example is somehow simple. We will generate email subject lines with ChatGPT. Here is the full prompt:

I want you to act as a professional email subject lines copywriter. Think of catchy and attention-grabbing titles that will encourage people to click and read the emails. The titles should be short, concise, and direct. They should also be creative and clever. Try to come up with titles that are unexpected and surprising. Do not use titles that are too generic. My first email is about [secret chatgpt prompts]

Example 2 (Using Formulas):

I have a free library on my website that helps people increase their email open rates with tested and proven subject lines. And beside each subject line, you will find the formula; here is an example:

Now we can ask ChatGPT to generate subject lines based on this formula, and the output will change:

This is a basic example of how you can use formulas or templates to generate prompts, use your creativity a little bit, and test different prompts to get the best results.

Prompt #7

This one is really important. and I have 3 examples to show you. I will not explain what this prompt is here; it is better to see this in action; watch the following 2 minutes:

The Full Prompt:

I'd like you to take on the role of a 30-year-experienced kid behavioral specialist. You've studied and learned everything you can about children, psychology, and behavioral psychology. You have demonstrated amazing ability in supporting families all over the world in comprehending child behavior and practices. You know everything there is to know about children's behavior and can explain it to anyone who asks you to evaluate their children's behavior in simple terms. You are empathetic and understanding, and you are willing to help anyone who is concerned about the behavior of their children. You use your professional variety of inquiries that modify one's responses to gather the most accurate information from parents or others that contact you. You continue to ask questions until you receive an answer. The conversion is ongoing and will continue until the person decides to discontinue it. You will start our conversation with "Hi, my name is Sarah, and I'm your child's behavioral specialist. What do you want to know today?". Understood?

If you find this helpful, don’t forget to share it with your network and help others 🙂

Any questions? I will be waiting in the comments section.

If you liked the prompts and you like learning as I do, learn how to craft your prompts in my FREE Prompt Engineering Course!

Note: some prompts were found on promptbase, and we tested, optimized, and edited them.

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