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3 Unique Ways To Make Money With ChatGPT.

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Everyone is talking about ChatGPT and how to make money from it.

But there are 3 Proven Ways; I didn’t find anyone one has mentioned (till the time I am writing this post).

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I am not here to tell you to create a blog with AI content or generate and sell sales copies. No, I am here to talk about 3 Ways I tested that can help you build a stable passive income stream online with the Help of ChatGPT.

And what is awesome is that you need $0 Investment! You can start for free, so let’s Dive in 🚀

1. Create and Sell an API with a Recurring membership

What is an API?

API Stands for Application Programming Interface (No need to know this 😅)

Let’s Make things as simple as possible. API allows programmers to interact with a specific platform using their code.

For example, suppose a programmer wants to develop social media management software like Buffer or Hootsuite.

In that case, he will need to access Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms directly from his code to publish, schedule, read analytics, and do other stuff.

But this is not possible by default because if you want to post on social platforms, you must use their interface. So what to do??

Here, the API solves this issue and acts as a gateway between the programmer and the target platform.

So, Facebook, for example, allows programmers to access Facebook through Facebook API, and so do Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and all other platforms.

I think that’s enough; I hope you got the Idea behind APIs 😊

Now you know what an API is, let me show you how to create and sell one with ChatGPT!

🤖 Create the Quotes Generator API

Open ChatGPT and ask it to create the API:

As you see it will generate the code for you right away, so copy the code, create a new .NET Core API project with Visual Studio, create a new controller, paste the code, and Voila!

🤖 Where to Host and Publish the API for free?

Let’s ask ChatGPT!

As you can see, it gave you a ton of options that help you host the API for free.

Now that the API is online, we can start selling it!

🤖 Where to Sell It?

In my case, I publish my APIs on RapidAPI, one of the top API Marketplaces out there.

Do you want to code the API in a different language?

🤖 ChatGPT is here. Let’s Try Javascript!

You can play with ChatGPT to get what you want, but the problem is with the API Idea! Where do you find the best API ideas that developers will buy?

Method 1: API Market Places

You can check the top API marketplaces to get some ideas; here are some of the leading API marketplaces that you can explore:

  1. RapidAPI: RapidAPI is a platform that allows developers to discover and connect to thousands of APIs. It offers various APIs in various categories, including finance, health, and media.
  2. Postman API Network: The Postman API Network is a collection of APIs from leading companies that are available for testing and integration. It includes APIs from PayPal, Microsoft, and Google.
  3. ProgrammableWeb: ProgrammableWeb is a directory of APIs that provides information on APIs and the companies that provide them. It allows developers to search for APIs by category and provides tools for testing and integrating APIs.

Method 2: Ask ChatGPT!

🤖 We have ChatGPT; let’s ask it!

As you can see, ChatGPT can help you with anything related to building and selling your first API. However, this is a very basic approach, and building and selling APIs involve a lot more details.

So, if you’re interested in learning it the right way, from A to Z, check out this FREE GUIDE!

2. Create Something More Interesting!

Instead of a silent API! We can create something more interesting.

Build a tools website that can be monetized in more than 10 ways!

Examples of tools websites:

  1. FreeAIKit
  2. Reado-meter
  3. Word Counter
  4. TinyWow

🤖 Let’s Create a simple Word Counter with ChatGPT!

I played with ChatGPT and developed multiple tools in less than an hour. In one week, you can create something that stands out!

How to compete against tools sites!

When I published H-supertools years ago, I grew it to 5K Views per day in less than 5 months.

Let me share with you some tips I used that helped me achieve that:

1/ Do “Top Keyword” Competitor research!

Study other tool websites in your niche and analyze what keywords they are ranking for; you can do this using my AI-Powered Keyword Research Tool, Semrush, or ubbersuggest.

For example, one of my competitors is Smallseotools. I put in ubbersuggest keywords by traffic tool, and I got something like this:

As you can see, I can find low-difficulty keywords that I can rank fast with if I build a tools website based on them.

2/ Search AppsumoProductHunt, and Codecanyon for Ideas.

There, you will find many tool sites, but paid ones. You can skim and check if you can create similar tools or a free lite version of this tool.

3. Sell Mini JS Files

This is the fastest and easiest—no complicated interfaces or APIs, just a simple Javascript file that can accomplish a specific thing.

For Example, Look at these Floating Sharing buttons on my website:

This is a script I bought from codecanyon for $7

It is a simple JS file. And you can sell the same! I just made something similar with ChatGPT and added it to my word counter tool!

🟥Warning: Don’t Do this!

Although ChatGPT and AI are super powerful and help us build income streams online and perform many other tasks, relying on them will kill your brain and creativity. So use them as assistants and follow the Polygon formula to adapt and stay safe in the AI era.

Learn more about how ChatGPT can affect you and how to utilize the Polygon Formula in this video:

I hope this guide helped you! Don’t forget if you have any questions, I am here to help, waiting for you in the comments section 🙂

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