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Good Day Hassan

My name is Ramy 

i passed by your channel a week ago by chance when i wad trying to figure out how to make money online

all content found was actually not up to my ambitions as i was looking for something new 

everybody was talking about affiliate marketing , dropshipping . and all this BLA BLA abot how to make money online

as i as looking for somthing new with low competition chances i saw you mind blowing PROMPT playlist that i watched all as matter of passion  in on night 😊

so  ABIG REALY FAT THANK YOU LETTING MR NOW ABOUT THIS NEW FIELD that i became obsessed with after first video on the playlist

 and i started thinking and creating ideas just after completing 😍 AWSOME isn't it ?

now i have a question which is

the PROMPT it self like  (you are a professional .......what you taught us) how is it created from the begging ?? i am missing that

AND i found that the videos are about 4 month ago do i still have the chance for completing this i mean is it still new field or the competition  is high now   ???

one last thing i found it hard to understand python somehow as i am a big zero in programing 

can i just now stick to PROMPT till mastering it and the go advanced and learn python ??

thank you Hassan you have been a great help and addition to me 😍 

Posted : 10/28/2023 3:12 pm
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
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Thanks. you can get started and master this skill, but it is better to learn python if you want to be professional

Posted : 10/29/2023 12:58 pm
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@theblindeye all fields have competition, it's a matter of what you offer differently. As to @Hasan's point learning Python is a first step and one of the easiest programming languages to learn. If you need help with Python feel free to schedule time with me or watch YouTube on it.

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Posted : 10/30/2023 4:06 pm
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Agree. Prompt Engineering Series by Hassan Is really a Mind Blowing Seies

Posted : 12/19/2023 4:43 pm
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I would suggest learning python to pro level opens many opportunities

Posted : 01/26/2024 11:49 am