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AI Writer

Generate Blogs & Paragraphs in Seconds With This Powerful Free AI Writer

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What is the AI Writer tool?

Maybe You heard about Jasper?  This AI writer tool is a 100% Free Alternative to creating your copy, blog content, script writing, or any paragraph you want. It is simply a Free Text Generator!

If you are new to this AI Content Generation technology, let me explain.

AI Content Generation tools are the latest trend in content writing, blogging, and overall copywriting in general. This technology will help you create high-quality content and save time. Think about it as a robot sitting beside you and helping you write! It is an AI writing assistant.

So, in Short:

This Free AI Writer Tool Helps You Generate Sentences and Paragraphs to Assist You In Writing Articles With The Help of AI.

How To Use The Free AI Writer tool?

Here at PromoterKit, our primary goal is to simplify things, so we create super-powerful tools that work with a few clicks.

Let’s first explain shortly the different buttons you see on the screen.

1- Select Document: Imagine this as a notepad file. You can create a new document and let the AI writer write in it or select an existing document to append to.

2- User Input: This is the topic you want the tool to write about.

3- Append Button: This is used to make the AI append on your input.

4- Generate: Press it after all the above steps are done and see the magic.

So, choose your document, add the topic in “User Input” and hit generate. That simple!

After you generate your paragraphs, you can always translate them into other languages with the Free AI Paragraph Translator Tool.



Will the AI writer generate SEO-Friendly content?

The AI writer does not generate SEO-friendly content or original quality content. It will just be high quality, create content, and you have to do content optimization.

Do you have any premium plans or unlimited plans?

The AI writer is free, and we do not have any plan to make premium-paid plans now. You need to register on our website and enjoy! You can always help by buying me a coffee 🙂

Can I create long-form content with AI writers?

As mentioned in the tool description, the tool is limited to 150 words for output. This means you must create multiple paragraphs and combine them to make long paragraphs and articles.