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Mini-Course: WordPress Custom API Endpoints.

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Unlock the full potential of your WordPress site with our mini-course, “WordPress Custom API Endpoints: Build, Innovate, and Secure!” Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the Basics: Start with a simple endpoint that returns test data to grasp the fundamental concepts.
  • Generating JSON: Learn how to generate JSON from your endpoints, which is crucial for modern web apps.
  • Parameter Handling: Master the art of passing parameters to your endpoints to enhance functionality.
  • Real-World Application: Build an AI-powered title generator as a practical application of your new skills.
  • Custom URLs: Move beyond the default wp-json structure and use custom URLs that align with your site’s branding.
  • API Security: Implement robust permissions to secure your APIs against unauthorized access.
  • Authentication Techniques: Explore how to authenticate requests using security nonces to ensure secure data exchange.




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