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Build a YouTube Video Summarizer With SimplerLLM

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In this video, I will show you how to use SimplerLLM to build a YouTube Video Summary generator in minutes with Python.

SimplerLLM is an open-source Python library designed to simplify interactions with Large Language Models (LLMs) for researchers and beginners. It offers a unified interface for different LLM providers and a suite of tools to enhance language model capabilities, making it super easy for anyone to develop AI-powered tools and apps.

Then, I will show you how to use one of my power prompts to create a fully functional web application with Streamlit.

As a prerequisite of this video, you should have taken the Prompt engineering course, or at least I assume that you have basic knowledge of Python coding and know how to interact with LLMs.


If you’re encountering any problems or need further assistance with this code, we’re here to help! Join our community on the forum or Discord for support, tips, and discussion.