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Build a Simple AI Agent Chatbot – 3 Step Upgrade!

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In this video, we will build a Simpler AI Chatbot based on our SEO Auditor Agent, which we built in the AI Agents Course.

We assume that you know what AI agents are and have completed the “Build AI Agents From Scratch” course.

I will break down the process into 4 steps to make it as simple as possible:

Step 1: Instead of generating the full Agent response, we will generate the final answer only.

Step 2: We will Transform the agentic workflow into a function that can return the final response and be easily used in the chatbot.

Step 3: Create and Test the Simple Chatbot.

Step 4: Tweek our System Prompt to make the Agent remember the action response instead of executing the function every time.



If you’re encountering any problems or need further assistance with this code, we’re here to help! Join our community on the forum or Discord for support, tips, and discussion.