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YouTube Video To Blog Post

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This is a project that turns any youtube video into a blog post.


# Import necessary libraries
from youtube_transcript_api import YouTubeTranscriptApi
import openai
import re


# Define a function to get the transcript of a YouTube video
def get_video_transcript(video_url):
    # Extract the video ID from the YouTube URL using regular expressions
    match ="(?:youtube\.com\/watch\?v=|youtu\.be\/)(.*)", video_url)
    if match:
        video_id =
        # If the URL is invalid, raise an error
        raise ValueError("Invalid YouTube URL")

    # Fetch the transcript using the YouTubeTranscriptApi library
    transcript = YouTubeTranscriptApi.get_transcript(video_id)

    # Combine the text of the transcript into a single string
    transcript_text = ""
    for line in transcript:
        transcript_text += line["text"] + " "
    return transcript_text

# Define a function to generate text using OpenAI's GPT model
def openai_generate(user_prompt, selected_model):
    # Create a completion request to OpenAI with the provided prompt and model
    completion =
        model=selected_model, messages=[{"role": "user", "content": user_prompt}]
    # Return the generated text
    return completion.choices[0].message.content

# Template for the prompt to be sent to OpenAI
youtube_to_blog_post = """Act as a professional blog copywriter.
I'm going to give you a transcript of a YouTube video, and I want you
to generate s full compelling blog with a title for it.
Make sure you don't use complex vocabulary and only use the information from the transcript.
VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:{transcript}"""


openai.api_key = "Your API Key"  # Replace with your actual API key
youtube_url = "" # URL of the YouTube video
model = "gpt-3.5-turbo" # The model of OpenAI's GPT to use

# Get the transcript of the YouTube video
video_transcript = get_video_transcript(youtube_url)

# Format the prompt with the actual transcript
formatted_prompt = youtube_to_blog_post.format(transcript=video_transcript)

# Generate text using OpenAI's GPT model
generated_text = openai_generate(formatted_prompt, model)



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