Bonus: Scaling!

Welcome to this bonus lecture where we’ll dive into strategies to scale your WordPress SaaS. The key to scaling successfully lies in effective marketing, and we’ll explore how to leverage the power of content and various platforms to grow your audience and user base.

Embracing Content Marketing on WordPress

Starting a Blog

  • Ease of Blogging on WordPress: Discuss how WordPress’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to add a blog section to your site.
  • Content Ideas: Share ideas for blog content that can engage readers and promote your tools.

Types of Blog Content

  1. Comparison Posts: Write articles comparing your tools and services with others, highlighting your unique selling points.
  2. Tutorials and Guides: Create content that educates readers while subtly promoting your tools. For example, include your AI tool in a marketing blog post.
  3. How-To Articles Using Your Tools: Detailed guides on how users can achieve specific tasks using your tools.
  4. Listicles: Craft articles like “Top 8 Tools for [specific task]” and include your tool in the list.

SEO Strategy: MVC (Market, Volume, Competition)

  • Understanding MVC: Explain the MVC SEO strategy and how it helps in achieving fast results.
  • Implementation Tips: Share tips on how to apply this strategy effectively for your blog content.

Building a community (forum or discord) is very important.

Leveraging Video Content

Creating Short Videos

  • Content Ideas for Videos: Suggest ideas for short videos that can be informative or demonstrative of your tools.
  • Platforms to Utilize: Emphasize spreading these videos across multiple platforms like YouTube and Instagram for maximum reach.

Tips for Video Marketing

  • Engaging Content: Discuss how to create content that captures and retains the viewer’s attention.
  • Consistency: Stress the importance of regular uploads to build and maintain an audience.

Affiliate Marketing: again it is easy with plugins AffiloateWP, I use it.

Build Email Lists -share guides and lead magnets and expand with email marketing. promote my email marketing course. promote AI in marketing guide.

The feedback system, you can use ybug, or forms in WordPress or any user feedback plugin you want.

Google Analytics